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Make your own special Pokemon.

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Done. Now what do I do with it?

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I made four Pokémon when I was young. one was named Cactusting which was like Bulbasaur with Brock’s closed eyes had fox head and had a cactus instead of a bulb. It was not very original but as I said I was very young.

Another was named Configurito which was just a pallet swap ditto in silver. Perhaps I should find it and uploaded just for someone to show it to me in case I have large ego.

The other two is when I started to be clever. Their names were Chichant and Chibol. Chichant had praying position like a monk it keeps it eyes closed. It wore long robed clothing. I put him under psychic Pokémon and the name comes from incantation or chant. Chibol is the evolution of chichant. Its body can be seen. It had spikes over his head and a mouth mask and had his eyes closed as well. Sticks floated around it which they are use to make symbols.

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A Kangaroo looking pokemon that's normal/fighting type.

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It s a scorpion that an spit flames.

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