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    The thrilling conclusion to the story reuniting Pokémon Trainers Gold, Silver and Crystal...and Team Rocket too!

    Crystal and Gold battle the enemy while Silver collects the 16 mysterious plates that Team Rocket wants to get their hands on to set their latest diabolical plan in motion. Then, a mysterious force field envelops our three heroes—along with Legendary Pokémon Arceus—and transports them all to...where?!

    Which unwanted companions tag along? And what three new Legendaries will our heroes meet there?!

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 8: Raising the Stakes with Rhyperior
    • Adventure 9: With a Little Help from Hitmonchan
    • Adventure 10: It Takes Xatu to Tango
    • Adventure 11: All About Arceus I
    • Adventure 12: All About Arceus II
    • Adventure 13: All About Arceus III
    • Adventure 14: All About Arceus IV
    • Adventure 15: All About Arceus V
    • Adventure 16: All About Arceus VI
    • Adventure 17: All About Arceus VII
    • Adventure 18: All About Arceus VIII
    • Adventure 19: All About Arceus IX

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