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    To prepare for their big battle, our trio of friends each need to reach out for help—from Gym Leaders to new Pokémon. Then Lady, Pearl and Diamond are finally reunited in the very heart of Team Galactic’s headquarters. Can they release the three Legendary Pokémon...before it’s too late?

    And who will take on Team Galactic’s powerful leader Cyrus?!

    Plus, meet Electivire, Honchkrow, Chingling, Spiritomb, Dialga and Palkia!

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 68: Shorting Out Electivire
    • Adventure 69: Halting Honchkrow
    • Adventure 70: Chancing Upon Chingling
    • Adventure 71: High-tailing It from Haunter
    • Adventure 72: Shunning Spiritomb
    • Adventure 73: Creeping Away from Cradily
    • Adventure 74: Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia I
    • Adventure 75: Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia II

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