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    Team Galactic commanders Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are determined to bomb Lake Verity, Lake Valor and Lake Acuity to awaken the Legendary Lake Pokemon that dwell in their depths! Diamond, Pearl and Platinum divide forces to stop them - but can they conquer?

    Then, when things go awry, it's...Diamond to the rescue?!

    Plus, meet Abomasnow, Tangrowth, Buizel, Gastrodon, Purugly, Staravia, and Luxray!

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 58: Stopping Sableye
    • Adventure 59: Getting Past Gastrodon
    • Adventure 60: Outwitting Octillery
    • Adventure 61: Tackling Tangrowth
    • Adventure 62: Mixing It Up with Machamp
    • Adventure 63: Bogging Down Quagsire
    • Adventure 64: Besting Buizel I
    • Adventure 65: Besting Buizel II
    • Adventure 66: Cleaning Up Grimer
    • Adventure 67: Encountering Elekid

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