Pokémon Adventures #7

    Pokémon Adventures » Pokémon Adventures #7 - Volume Seven released by Viz on June 2010.

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    On her search for famous Pokémon trainer Red, Yellow Caballero finds both human and Pokémon friends--and enemies. Now Yellow must team up with other trainers, gym leaders, and even evil Team Rocket to fight the Elite Four!

    Yellow Caballero, prepare to battle the Elite Four's top trainer, Lance... It'll take everything you have and everybody you know to beat him!

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 79: Airing Out Aerodactyl
    • Adventure 80: Draggin' in Draonair
    • Adventure 81: Aerodactyl Redux
    • Adventure 82: Eradicate Raticate!
    • Adventure 83: Bang the Drum, Slowbro
    • Adventure 84: Clefabulous Clefable
    • Adventure 85: Gimme Shellder
    • Adventure 86: Double Dragonair
    • Adventure 87: Rhyhorn Rising
    • Adventure 88: The Beedrill All and End All
    • Adventure 89: The Might of...Metapod?!
    • Adventure 90: The Legend

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