Pokémon Adventures #6

    Pokémon Adventures » Pokémon Adventures #6 - Volume Six released by Viz on April 2010.

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    Pokémon trainer Red has vanished! Yellow Caballero and Pikachu's search leads them to the mysterious headquarters of the Elite Four on Cerise Island. Who has the baddest Pokémon around? There's only one way to find out...!

    And watch out for Team Rocket, Pikachu... Are they your enemies or your allies now?

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 66: Punching Poliwrath
    • Adventure 67: Can You Diglett?
    • Adventure 68: Jigglypuff Jive
    • Adventure 69: Playing Horsea
    • Adventure 70: Allied by Alakazam!
    • Adventure 71: Muk Raking
    • Adventure 72: Weezing Winks Out
    • Adventure 73: Valiant Venomoth!
    • Adventure 74: Make Way for Magikarp
    • Adventure 75: Electrode's Big Shock
    • Adventure 76: Take a Chance on Chansey
    • Adventure 77: Striking Golduck
    • Adventure 78: Victim of Venusaur

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