Pokémon Adventures #5

    Pokémon Adventures » Pokémon Adventures #5 - Volume Five released by Viz on February 2010.

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    Pokémon trainer Red has vanished... Trainer Yellow Caballero and Red's faithful Pikachu are off to rescue him. But it will take smarts, skills, and a lot of help from friends and other Pokémon to find and rescue Red!

    And watch out for the Elite Four, Yellow Caballero... Are you a strong enough Pokémon trainer to defeat all of them?

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventures 53: Can't Catch Caterpie!
    • Adventures 54: Pidgeotto Pick-Me-Up
    • Adventures 55: The Primeape Directive
    • Adventures 56: The Coming of Slowpoke (Eventually)
    • Adventures 57: Ekans the Ectasy
    • Adventures 58: The Kindest Tentacruel
    • Adventures 59: Hitmonlee, Baby! (One More Time)
    • Adventures 60: Breath of the Dragonair Part 1
    • Adventures 61: Breath of the Dragonair Part 2
    • Adventures 62: Breath of the Dragonair Part 3
    • Adventures 63: Extricated from Exeggutor
    • Adventures 64: Putting It on the Line...Against Arcanine
    • Adventures 65: Karate Machop!

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