Pokémon Adventures #15

    Pokémon Adventures » Pokémon Adventures #15 - Volume Fifteen released by Viz on March 2013.

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    Ruby's father Norman is the new Gym Leader of Petalburg City. But Ruby doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps - he wants to win Pokémon Contests! Sapphire's father Professor Birch is the local Pokémon researcher. But Sapphire is tired of gathering scientific data-she wants to win Pokémon battles! When Ruby and Sapphire meet, they're more likely to hit each other than hit it off. But then Sapphire challenges Ruby to a competition! Which of them will achieve their dreams in just eighty days?! Meanwhile, what dastardly plan is Team Aqua up to...and how does it involve Sapphire?!

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 181: Creeping Past Cacnea
    • Adventure 182: Making Mirth with Mightyena
    • Adventure 183: Trying to Trounce Torchic
    • Adventure 184: Distracting Dustox
    • Adventure 185: Nixing Nuzleaf
    • Adventure 186: Brushing Past Breloom
    • Adventure 187: Tongue-Tied Kecleon
    • Adventure 188: Lombre Larceny
    • Adventure 189: Mowing Down Ludicolo
    • Adventure 190: Blowing Past Nosepass I

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