Pokémon Adventures #10

    Pokémon Adventures » Pokémon Adventures #10 - Volume Ten released by Viz on December 2010.

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    In order to assist Professor Oak's research, a young Trainer, Crystal, hits the streets of Cherrygrove City with a new Pokédex in hand! Her goal is to catch all kinds of Pokémon! And what will happen when the Legendary Pokémon Suicune has awakened?

    Chapter Titles

    • Adventure 117: Slugging It Out with Slugma
    • Adventure 118: Three Cheers for Chikorita
    • Adventure 119: A Flaaffy Kerfuffle
    • Adventure 120: Surrounded by Staryu
    • Adventure 121: Off Course with Corsola
    • Adventure 122: Querulous Qwilfish
    • Adventure 123: Debonaire Dragonair
    • Adventure 124: Scrappy Skarmory
    • Adventure 125: Misdreavus Misgivings
    • Adventure 126: Jumping Jumpluff
    • Adventure 127: Miltank Melee
    • Adventure 128: Indubitably Ditto
    • Adventure 129: Great Girafarig

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