Poison Ivy - Psychological profile

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How would you describe the psychological profile of Ivy?

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I'd say a radical, but justifiable. Like Magneto. I wouldn't call her flat out crazy, maybe a little misguided, and pissing her off is nigh suicidal but I find myself agreeing with her choices and morals 87% of the time.

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well she means well but her methods are extreme and radical.

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In short she has abandonment issues. She does not like others that she cared for being neglected and abuse. She is very mothering. Unfortunately she is an extremist, vengeful and manipulative but she felt that deceit and force are the only ways to get results. I would like she would develop as a hero as she would have fought allot of demons of her past. She has several emotional scars. She was starting recuperate but with enemies she has made it is difficult to trust her let alone help her. The amazons may have chance as they helped her as they did Harley Quin.

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