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#1 Posted by DarkKid (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Ivy and Batman should be a couple? (Poison Ivy not having poiosn lips n stuff) ?????

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#2 Posted by Firestormnuclerman (2581 posts) - - Show Bio

I doubt it would happen considering Bats doesn't let people get close and would want see her rehabilated if he would ever date her.

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#3 Posted by DarkKid (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah.. I guess ur right.. But i don't know why, but I like Bats going on with Ivy i have no idea why.. (But if I post something like.. Who would you like to be batman's GF or stuff.. Wonder Woman , Catwoman or Poison Ivy ? They'd probably pic.. WW or Catwoman.. but i really like the pairing.. lol i don't know why

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#4 Posted by MermaidKasumi (33 posts) - - Show Bio

They would make a good couple if it weren't for her poisonous lips(which would kill him with a kiss). Ivy is just such a beautiful character and a very unique one.

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#5 Posted by T.J. Magnum (25922 posts) - - Show Bio

forget bats


she should go with me

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#6 Posted by likalaruku (1038 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe if Batman likes having blue balls. Poison I'vy's blood, salyva, sweat, & mucous are poisonous, so copulating with her is sealing your death certificate, & men don't seem to do to well in relationships where they aren't getting any. I think the same of the Joker; poison never stops at just the blood; sorry Harley.

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#7 Posted by AngelFrost (2850 posts) - - Show Bio

Poison Ivy and Scarecrow perhaps?

Would be strange, yet funny.


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