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Interesting, sexy and spooky. Really enjoyable!

The Cycle of Life and Death give us an extended perspective about the professional work of Ivy, her “human” side and the difficulties being half plant-half human. I thing that the plot is interesting and explores other side of the story of Dr. Isley... I hope that she still the greatest anti-heroine from Batman's pages. Great work of Chu, the story has a feminine touch, which is both, sexy and intelligent. Mann and the other artists are great, the colors and the inks couldn’t be better. I can’t wait until the next month.

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    I’ll try to avoid giving away major plot elements and spoilers and rather analyze the themes of the book. It’s better to read this book without knowing anything beforehand. This is Poison Ivy’s first mini series since her creation, 50 years ago. Throughout her history she never had the chance of getting the spotlight, being the protagonist in her own story and was mostly used as a sidekick, a gun for hire or a romantic interest.Not always of course. In my personal opinion, som...

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    "Nobody interrupts Poison Ivy." - Poison IvyMaybe not, but outside of bad comics, and parodies of the same, nobody talks like that either.One of my favourite types of comic is the slice-of-life superhero story, where the characters' daily lives are depicted, and super-heroics may or may not occur. Poison Ivy #1 makes an attempt at this sort of story by following Dr. Pamela Isley (the eponymous Poison Ivy) in her new job as a researcher at the Gotham Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately this is qui...

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