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Black & White galore

I'm not such a big writer so I'll make this one as short as possible.

First of all I have to check out all new stories of Image Comics. Image usually delivers quality. Of course every now and then it's just not the story, characters, or art you like but mostly Image doesn't disappoint me. And "Point of Impact" isn't any different.

Cover and Title:

Quite nice and teasing.


See plot summary. It's an intriguing crime story. Different people get involved in a mysterious murder of a young woman in the middle of the night. Of course, the big question is who murdered her? Nothing new of course. It is what it is: A crime story!


It's b/w and the entire story takes place in the evening and at night. Kuranel makes it work perfectly. His art may not be mind blowing and flawless, nonetheless it is the reason why I stopped several times before turning the page. Some panels are truly amazing - especially the last panel of the first page! Not sure if it's 100% realistic but one can almost feel the impact and I was as surprised as the 2 characters in the scene - wtf just happened? Kuranel's done a nice job here providing lively panels, depth without colors, and energetic movements (fight scene at home), too.


I enjoyed reading it from start to end and definitely want to know how it will continue in next issue. The only reason I gave this only 4.5 of 5 points is the cover. It gives away the fact, the victim was thrown off the rooftop. Otherwise the murder investigation of the 2 detectives on the rooftop and their conclusion would have been even more astonishing.

If you like crime stories and b/w art you've got to check this out and you won't be disappointed.

If you don't like b/w art you may not want to pick this one up. Either you like b/w or you do not.

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