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    The Point Men are clones of previously unrevealed young metahumans. Whether or not the Point Men are aware of these origins, or perhaps even care about their genetic forebears, remains to be seen. The Point Men were a team created by Contessa and the Agenda. They were first sent after Young Justice to retrieve Secret, who broke out of their facility. Many times they clashed with Young Justice for different reasons, one time after being sent after Wonder Girl's mother, Helena Sandsmark. This was the first appearance of the hero Empress. After discovering that they were clones, the Point Men started acting independently, even teaming up with their former enemies to fight the Agenda.
    The team's field leader is Gray Lady, a leathery-winged harpy with razor-sharp talons. 
    Serpenteen, a disciple of Quetzalcoatl, boasts a prehensiile reptilian tail , serpent-like claws, and poisoned fangs.
    Blockade is a youthful powerhouse with rock-hardened skin and corresponding brute strength.
    The diminutive Short Cut is an adept teleporter, able to transport both himself and others across undisclosed distances.
    Blank Slate is as mysterious as his/her name implies, existing in both wraith-like and corporeal form. His power is mimicry.

    Groundswell is made of earth.


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