Character » Pogo appears in 12 issues.

    Highly intelligent ape who aids the Umbrella Academy.

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    Pogo was a normal ape until subjected to experiments that boosted his intelligence. He worked with Reginald Hargreeves, teaching the Umbrella Academy. Pogo shared a particularly close bond with Vanya, who he claimed was less destructive than the others. Pogo also went into space with Spaceboy.

    Shortly after the reformation of the Academy, Pogo was killed by Vanya (La Viole Blanche). She played her violin in D-Minor, causing his brains and cerebral fluid to gush out of the back of his head. Before she killed him, Vanya told him, "You were right, Pogo, there is something special about me," referencing a talk they had many years before when she broke her violin and she felt completely out of place in the house.

    00.05 witnessed this murder, and did nothing to try to stop it, and was a little intrigued at his sister's new found power. He later made a monument for Pogo.

    Trying to find what 00.05 was up to, the Séance summoned Pogo's spirit. Before Pogo could reveal what was happening, Séance was knocked out by Hazel and Cha-Cha.

    A younger version of Pogo helped build a televator to get Kraken, Spaceboy, and Séance to Kennedy's assassination.


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