Poglachian Green Lanterns Corps

    Team » Poglachian Green Lanterns Corps appears in 5 issues.

    A group of misfits granted "Oan power rings" made by the Qwardians in an effort to discredit the Green Lantern Corps.

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    Soon after being assigned as the Green Lantern of Earth, Guy Gardner was frustrated by yet another visit from G'nort of G'newt.  Gardner ordered G'nort to leave the Earth, as he was the only Green Lantern assigned there by the Guardians of the Universe.  G'nort disagreed with this, insisting the Guardians had told him he could go anywhere he wanted.  To settle the matter, Gardner contacted the Guardians on Oa.  The Guardian that appeared said they had never seen G'nort, but unless Gardner could prove otherwise, G'nort was a Green Lantern.  

    G'nort had never seen the Guardians before, as his uncle G'newmann had given him the power ring from them.  Their first stop would be to the planet G'newt, to see G'nort's uncle.  G'newmann told them he had received the rings from the Guardians of the Universe.  As Green Lanterns, they were told to do whatever they felt like with the power rings.  Unknown to Gardner or G'nort, G'newmann warned the Weaponers of Qward of the investigation.  Gardner forced G'newmann to give him a mental image of the so-called Guardians.  He then set off for help in locating the aliens.  

    Seeking advice from Hal Jordan, Gardner learned the clown-like aliens he sought were the Poglachis, from a planet in Space Sector 3273.  Jordan described the Pogliachi as conniving and irresponsible.  On the Poglachi homeworld, Gardner and G'nort fought two Qwardians, Est-Ell and Gis-Ell.  They were defeated, but did not give up any information regarding their plan.  The Poglachians believed they created the Green Lantern Corps to show the races of the universe how to get more fun out of life.  This was not entirely true.

    While attempting to get more information, Gardner and G'nort were attacked by the fake Green Lanterns.  Besides G'nort and G'newmann, the Poglachian Corps consisted of twelve known members.  Gardner and G'nort fought against the fake Green Lanterns, but were captured, and brought to Qward.  There, they learned of the Weaponers' master plan.  Gardner and G'nort were taken to be interrogated.  The Qwardians wished to know the location of Hal Jordan, so they could stop him from rebuilding the Green Lantern Corps.  

    The Poglachian Green Lantern Corps had really been created by the Weaponers of Qward.  In the absence of the Guardians of the Universe, the Qwardians wished to discredit the Oans' Green Lantern Corps.  A group known as the Cult of the Red Man worshipped Sinestro, believing he would return.  They claimed their once and future ruler had devised their plan.  If the Guardians ever returned to recreate the Corps, Qward wanted the races of the positive matter universe to resist the idea.  To avoid attracting the attention of the real Green Lanterns, they gave the rings to imbeciles and morons, to make the real Green Lanterns look worthless and ineffective.  The Qwardians set up the "Clown Guardians" with rings powered by a form of "Anti-Oan Energy".  The Qwardians used a large idol of Sinestro as the source of the Anti-Oan energy.  

    The two managed to escape and G'nort caught up to the Thunderer who had taken his power ring.  Now, the Green Lanterns battled the Thunderers near the dimensional bridge to the positive matter universe.  Seated nearby, was the idol of Sinestro.  This was destroyed by G'nort, at the expense of his own power ring.  Lacking a source of power, the Poglachian Green Lantern Corps were now ringless.  Guy Gardner had been impressed by G'nort's actions in Qward.  Perhaps against his better judgement, he nominated G'nort for membership in the real Green Lantern Corps.  The Guardians laughed at his suggestion, but approved of the idea.  

    Sometime later, Gardner would again cross paths with Buk-50 as well as Thoom and Boom who would become members of the Gardners of the Universe.


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