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A poet and playwright, Eduard St Germaine was the toast of Paris following the debut of his critically-acclaimed play. During this time he met the mysterious Chloe, with whom he immediately fell in love. However, his acclaim soon dried up, and he was left to work in an office for Chloe's father, whom he grew to resent. Seeking to reclaim his glory, he staged a play mocking Chloe's father. Enraged, Chloe's father killed Chloe and attempted to kill Eduard, which Eduard barely escaped by killing the other man first. Disconsolate, he wandered the continent, briefly taking part in the Crimean War, until he stumbled across the House of Mystery.


Poet was created by Lilah Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #1.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

Now referring to himself as Poet, he finds that he is one of the few who are unable to leave the House. He takes up residence there, and acts as the chef. He occasionally helps to defend the House and the other occupants against attackers. While they are trapped in the City in the Space Between he is approached by the ghostlike apparition of Chloe, who urges him to commit suicide. He leaps from the top of a nearby building, and dies. The iteration of him from just before he entered the House is plucked from the timestream by Cress and Genevieve, and returns with them to the present against his will. Constantly drunk and angry at having been snatched up to be amongst people who remember and love him but about whom he knows nothing, he makes repeated attempts to flee the House. Finally, he and Ann leave the House and set sail together on the Harrier, and together become the most feared pirates on Ann's homeworld. Seven years later, he is caught cheating by Ann, and she kills him. His spirit later rejoins Chloe in the Space Between.

Powers and Abilities

Poet has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is very intelligent, and a skilled writer, particularly of satires. He is passably skilled with a sword, and is a competent soldier.


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