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Got this up early today. Guess you two are packing for SDCC.

This will be year 21 there for me. :-)

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Lol, Tony didn't want to be Thor?

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That new character in the Iron Fists book isn't a new character as such. She was a great addition to Andrew's last Iron Fist mini that came out about a year ago. That series fell a little flat by the end, after a really cool start, but that little girl was fantastic in it nonetheless. Really fun and funny character. Don't mess with her is all I can say. You've been warned ;-)

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- So new comics actually arrive on Tuesday and not Wednesday? If that's the case what's to stop a comic shop from putting new comics out on Tuesday? Is there some kind of Comic Shop Code that no one can break?

- Totally agree, the roster of the Champions looks really cool.

- I don't think they want you to say U.S. Avengers. I think it's supposed to be U.S.A-vengers.

- I never understood why they didn't give Odinson his own book as soon as he lost the hammer. It certainly would have quelled some of the outrage.

- I think there is some truth to this "Inhumans Conspiracy". Certainly not to the level that some people claim, but it makes sense that if the Inhumans are going to be the MCU Marvel would want to raise their stock in the comic book universe. But are they pushing mutants away because the movie belong to Fox? That I don't believe.