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It's really cool to hear creators talk about how they use the db here as a resource. I've only made a small contribution so far, but it's gratifying to know they find it so useful. Big props to the wiki moderators who do SO MUCH great work!!

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James Asmus is then man! I hadn't heard of End Times before, but I will definitely be picking it up.

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Awesome podcast! I'm totally checking out End Times of Bram and Ben when the trade comes out. That sounds like a great book. Quantum and Woody too. I need to grab that.

@g_man I tried looking up Stryker's son with comicvine, but couldn't find anything about him. Even on wikipedia or anywhere else really. Most I could find out was that it was retconned in all-new xmen with stryker talking to the scientist. Also is Messiah War the story you were talking about?

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Haha best podcast ever! That toilet humour...

Also that "poop" you edited in at the end...startled me a little.

As a side note... I'm not sure if it's good or not that this podcast always makes me want to check out more series. I'm buying enough as it is!

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Very funny podcast Tony! James is such an upbeat person to listen to. I'm ashamed to say I haven't read Quantum & Woody but I'm definitely going to check it out. And I had no idea that there are so many different types of kryptonite. Crazy! POOP!

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@g_man since you guys talked a lot about the wiki on here I was wondering what is your stance on the character naming? How long does a character need to have changed in the comics before you would change it in the wiki? For example Carol Danvers no longer goes by Ms. Marvel and her and her comic are named Captain Marvel but the Comic Vine wiki still has her under Ms.Marvel also the character that DOES go by Ms. Marvel as who also has a self named book just goes under her own name in the wiki

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Love James "Asmus" and I love Q & W it's such a funny book

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Wow what a great podcast! I still haven't checked out Quantum and Woody, but by listening to the podcast it seems like a very funny book to read. I might check it out pretty soon maybe sometime next month. I also think that Battle of the Atom sounds very interesting, too bad I don't have an apple product to play it. So, I might have to wait on playing it with one of my friend's iphone or ipad or when it comes out for Android or Windows. I also love the constant conversation of poop and bathrooms til the very end! lol

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Firsties! lol. I've just started listening right now, but this should be a great ep since James Asmus is in it! Q&W is the only thing Valiant I read nowadays :D