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@g_man great show really enjoyed Ryan as a guest answered a lot of fan questions which I always love to see.

I thought Tom Taylor was going to be on this week or is it just when he is available? I would love you to get some more guys on from DC as I am trade waiting for Marvel now days.

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Tony's Photoshop effort here is an all time low.

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Hey Tony. I've been listening to both podcasts and visiting the site for awhile now. Finally got around to joining the site. Keep up the good work.

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@g_man I'm a new guy starting to read comics. I've been making the transition from manga. I love image more than I like marvel or dc. Primarily because most image titles do no have a shared universe. Marvel and DC has a shared universe but a lot of things feel convoluted (in Marvel & DC). It is readable but I would also like it if these characters aged in the mainstream universe.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

@g_man I've read a few marvel books and I see them cursing in later issues making words look like $@#% or something.

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Isn't Disney doing a Big Hero 6 film?

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Brubaker's contract with Image isn't exclusive, he can still write books elsewhere if he wants.

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@g_man: Great podcast guys! I think I will give this series another shot tomorrow despite not liking the last series. It's not because of Wolverine losing his heal factor or having a gun. I just didn't like Paul Cornell's writing. I will see what he has in store for the new arc and it is a pleasure to see Ryan Stegman's good art. It's nice to hear my questioned get answered. I give props on Steve Epting? and Ryan Stegman on coming up with the nice designs of the "All-New" Wolverine. I really do love that art with Wolverine charging and I think Ryan caught one of my comments about explaining why Wolverine had claws from his forearms and why he had a gun because I remember saying those exactly words or similar to that. So, thank you or you're welcome, whichever you want to put it for the compliment. I really feel bad for Ryan Stegman to having to draw that picture for that certain someone, lol. That must have been a real bad experience. I'm currently doing that Tony reading back and current issues of series from time to time. I usually buy series when they are on sale when there's a series I don't like. I guess I'm just pretty obsessive on knowing everything that's going on with the universe. So, that's one way how I catch up and there's always a certain series going for 1.99 digitally every week on Marvel and DC. I also now read back issues with my Marvel Unlimited account because it's free or cheaper to deal with and not breaking my pockets and if I really like the back issues I buy the actual printed volumes. So far I read everything on New 52 and now I'm catching on Avengers Vs X-Men. It's tough but I do manage. Also, I think it's tough to have comic book movies for kids to watch because most comic books are not even meant for kids to read. So, having to translate some of those stories being violent or maybe sexual would be hard. I think I would go more with having kid comic books cartoon to enjoy and watch. They are much easier to kiddie down the characters and still enjoy. I really enjoyed Super Hero Squad and Batman The Brave and The Bold. I really do want a Shazam series so badly as well. He's one of my top characters.

Note: Tony, I could be wrong, but I noticed you keep on stuttering my last name, lol. Don't worry about it, you're pronouncing it right. Americans pronounce it Lo-ra while Spanish it's the same but with the double RR sound like Lo-rra. So either way is fine with me.

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Looks like a good one, thanks.