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Hair care and Billy Zane talk all in one jam packed episode!

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I did listen all the way through the gender in comics talk :D Did not squirm at all. lol Good cast this week!

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@g_man: I love the discussion but I think Dennis Calero contradiction himself a little bit. Because he generalize how men don't get make fun of being skinny when women get make fun of not having boobs and nice curves. But men do get make fun being skinny as much as women do. And I'm one of those that have experienced that in my life, mostly by my family who made fun of it and didn't like me being skinny and got really happy when I started growing a gut which made me not feel happy about it because I was proud to be skinny. Because they always felt being fat or muscular as positive when skinny is negative and look at the majority of the male superheroes they are muscular which, can be seen as over-sexualized. Ever since I read about comics I always did feel weird about not seeing a skinny superhero. Because in a way I felt that someone like me can never be a superhero. That's why when I will create my medium it will appear to challenge that problem you do see in comics or action heroes today in both male and female perspectives. I know you guys meant not generalize, but I just wanted to point out the misconception of certain things. People forget to realize that men and women do feel the same experiences about beauty in all angles. It's why I'm totally against the whole feminist aspect of things.

Here's my names for the two recent ages

1990-2010 - Modern Age

2011-20?? - Regenerative Age (I'm calling this a new age because every company has rebooted even Marvel (by renumbering) in some shape or form.

I agree with the discussion comics need to a find a certain ground that equals the numbers that comic book movies. I think the problem is that comic books have been too expensive and needs to find another solution to make them cheaper and lose the profit or lose the money of printing to make the comic. One of the solutions is making comics a subscription base like Marvel Unlimited it really helps with me and my boyfriend because we only have to pay $99 annually and we can read any old issues for free and get special discounts on new issues that would cost 1.99 each. I feel this helps because people like you guys were worried about that they can get the whole story. Basically read a number of issues without breaking their pockets. Other companies should follow this solution because it would help people to read all the comics that they want without break it. I also think Marvel needs to advertise this during the movies because it can really help them out in the comics industry. Another solution would be just like the movies when you buy the print you get the combo pack with the digital version for free OR they can sell a special combo with the movie sold with the comic is based on with print or digital versions for free or special price! ;-)

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I think the moviecomicverse is a terrible idea. You will lose your current comicreaders and swap tem with other people (moviegoers) but it is known that moviegoers are not intrested or too lazy to read comIcs.
You swap your exsisting audience for a possible (non-existent) audience.
I could see however a line (3-5 issues a month) that exists in the movie universe apart from the main titles.

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Great podcast! Calero is not just an amazing artist but he's so kind to fans... he's very thoughtful too, as per the gender politics section and I appreciate that (yes as a woman).

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Thanks everyone! This is Dennis!

LOKI9876: I agree, I'm not saying it would be a good idea or something i'd be interested in reading. My only point is that it's one way movie money could finally filter down to the comic book level.

ICE: I agree and also btw sympathize as I've always had a weight issue. But I think you would agree with my general point that women suffer the majority of body issues. No?

let's keep it going!

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Loved the convo, found it very interesting and thoughtful.

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@realdenniscalero This was such a great podcast. I may not agree with all the points being made but I found it to be infinitely fascinating to hear the perspective of a comics creator. The one point that I think I differ the most with Dennis on, is the reasoning behind girls not buying as many action oriented toys. More so the flawed thinking that networks have in this case. They look at the numbers in order to determine their marketing plans but their marketing plans are influencing those numbers. It is easy to see that super hero cartoons and things like that are HEAVILY pushed towards boys and as a result of that girls may not want to be seen as strange for being into something that isn't meant for them. It is an unfortunate truth. On top of that, there is a very distinct girls section in stores and rarely do girls feel the need to venture into the "boys" section. I just think that there doesn't necessarily need to be a massive shift in the product but there should be a change when it comes to the marketing of these shows as a "no girls allowed" type of thing. There is a massive demographic that these networks are missing out on because they are seemingly behind the times.

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@g_man Pass on to Denis that this was a great episode. Very thought provoking and I didn't agree with everything that was discussed but it made me go back and review my own thoughts in a logical manner. I want more discussions and casts like this.

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@g_man @realdenniscalero Great episode!

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@realdenniscalero: Yes, women do suffer the body issues as a majority which has been discussed for many centuries or years. I think it's just been a recent upbringing of men having the same issues as women when it comes to weight and beauty and I felt it needs to be discussed and addressed that men and women are equal in terms of issues or problems as well. I also think that the Captain America film sort of tackles that situation because we see his dealings with weight and looks of a superhero a bit and I think the film in some way is anti-feminism because Perry Carter can be seen as the generalize male role and Captain America is seen as the generalize female. I always felt the sex roles were switched in that film and that's why I love it so much and used in a research paper to tackle against feminism and my professor loved it due to that she is a feminist and it tackled her opinion how she views the world. I hope you didn't feel I was arguing with you in anyway. Because I really wasn't, I just wanted to get into the discussion and explain something that hasn't been explored too much in this world of generalizing gender. I also totally understand the chubby-ness because I grew up in the Spanish background too and little thing my family didn't realize I never gained any weight until now was because of the fast metabolism I use to have not because "I didn't eat enough". lol

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I'm curious, @iceslick, is it upbringing or media.

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The wide-ranging discussion on this one was awesome. These shows are always enjoyable listens, but rarely this thought provoking! Great stuff, especially highlighting the contrast between sameness and equality.

Thanks, @realdenniscalero. @g_man, take Dennis up on his offer to be the Invincibly Super-Massive Charles Grodin.

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@realdenniscalero: It can be both, because nowadays we are seeing more and more movies or TV shows with men being muscular and seen as over-sexualized. Media is finding ways to use muscular men to attract female or gay viewers and thus it gets people talk against it in new articles, facebook or twitter.

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best pod cast in ages...

i really liked Dennis..

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Kinda surreal to hear my username spoken on the podcast. I know it's a relatively trivial topic, but a standard vocabulary is necessary for constructive discussions, so defining comic book ages has always been an interesting subject to me. Thanks for the thoughtful answers! Very, very cool.

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Dennis Calero is one of my favorite guests. Always interesting and fun to listen to.

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He became an even more favorite guest when he mentioned TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA -- love that movie!!!