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Nice podcast, one of my favorite recent creator interviews. I loved the good the bad an the ugly so it was nice to hear him talk about it while it's fresh in my mind. I would love a Deadpool and Wolverine ongoing book, the two characters complement each other very well, in terms of humor, violence and seriousness.

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Man,almost got to my question,rant.....thing.

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I read the last two issues of Nova and yea I REALLY miss Richard but Sam is good and Duggen is a better writer than Loeb so I'm gonna stick with it from now on.

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Very happy with Gerry's response to "which character would he pick for a new Deadpool & ___ book"

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I'm hoping that they drop Jane Foster's character in the next Thor movies. I don't understand why they insist on having a human character and a lot of time on Earth just so we can relate to it. The next movie needs to be Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three travelling the galaxy solving mysterys in the 9 realms.

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More Duggan!! More Lobdell! Let's have 2014 be the year that other creators give The Booch a run for his appearance money!

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For the Reader that wanted to know about good 90's X-Men stories to read.

X-Tinction Agenda - A good primer to Genosha

X-Men Blue/gold era stories

X-Cutioner's song

Any of the stories where they were in Australia

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Love his run on deadpool after listening to this picked up the current run of nova and wow really impressed by the book and his issue was just great can't wait for more Duggan!

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This was a fun show this week. Deadpool is one of my top Marvel Now books and I hope it stays as strong as it has been since Duggan took over. I also recently started listening to NerdPoker and that show is hilarious. It makes a lot more sense that Deadpool Now is so funny. I've always said that I'd love to see a story where Deadpool, Bob, Weasel, Bullseye, and Taskmaster play a session of DnD but now that story can't be used since I've put it out there. Also I will totally sue anyone who uses that. Lol just kidding. Thanks for the podcast and keep up the good work.

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Good podcast. I don't want more female writers in comics just for the sake of getting more female writers I want more good writers/artists if they are female then fine let them get the job. Even though I believe female often will have a different approach than men because they had different experience in life qua their gender. Which can be a good thing since that give some diversity however if the writers is bad it doesn't help.

Oh and I want to recommend Ann Nocenti I know she gets a lot of hate for her modern works (which I haven't read so I therefore don't have an opinion about). However her works from the 80's and 90's are worth checking out. Especially her Daredevil run and the story arc about Typhoid Mary.