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I am honored! I would like to thank my dog,Redds. My love and obsession for Marvel/DC.....

Who else can I thank?!

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I hope my question gets asked on the main podcast.

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Black Bat by Booch is simply AWESOME right now!

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Yeah,I think that it either comes down to:


Jean Grey

Invisible Woman

....and many many others.Ask someone with little comic book knowledge who Ms. Marvel is,they would know.Ask someone with no comic book knowledge,they wouldn't really know...they wouldn't even know who Tim Drake is....

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I love that G-Man seems to think Mjolnir ships Barry and Iris.

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If the Justice League die in Forever Evil, I wonder if that's when the female Green Lantern that Simon Baz trains comes in

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@bennyq: good point! Seems too soon but ya never know.

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nobody interesting again. ever worse actually. the booch.

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@g_man: You need to be willing to kill to lift Thor's hammer so I'd say it would be easier for Wonder Woman to lift it than Superman.

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I think Storm would be marvels top female character....didn't they merge storm and wonder woman together when the universes crossed over?

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I don't consider myself to be a kid at my age (17), but, calling yourself Kid ____ is considered cool and acceptable -- or would be most likely because characters like Kid Flash and Kid Devil made it cool. Obviously, these characters grow up and give up the "Kid" part of their name once they've reached a certain age, or maturity -- but aside from that, it just depends on the person.

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Wonder Woman did held Mjolnir (which is also the name of my favourite gun from Dead Space 3) at the end of Marvel vs DC book 2 and the beginning of DC vs Marvel book 3.

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can sombody show me where i ask the questions?

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Whenever Brian B. is on, you could play an over/under game on the number of times Tony says the word "Wally"


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Boochcast! I got really excited when I found out, can't wait to listen!

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Enjoyed the podcast today very much, and will probably listen to it again tomorrow. Love when Brian is on ... very funny fellow and you both have a great chemistry that comes through loud and clear. Thanks!

P.S. -- I'm with your daughter, Tony ... Wonder Man is a silly name.

BTW -- just started watching Season 5 of Adventure Time after hearing you guys mention it on several podcasts. What a wild show! Not at all what I expected. Totally off the hook.

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cool show dudes, first time listening!

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I think Marvel is amazing it's just I prefer DC...

No hate?