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Sweet, this looks like a like a long one. Can't wait.

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I actually like John Romita Jr. art and how he makes Two-Face look like Clint Eastwood.

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Great thing we got the chance to see Skullfire in SM 2099.

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Mat is trolling everyone with his opinions about the Popstar movie, right?

Because if not...holy shit.

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- I feel like most Samberg movies don't get much press. Which is a shame because I love em! Can't wait to watch Popstar.

- Speaking of Samberg, has anyone watched that British series he starred in? It was only the first season but it was great. Check it out on Netflix, it's called Cooko.

- I can't remember who said it but the truest thing I've ever heard about Zack Snyder is that he tries to make comic book panels come to life instead of trying to make a good movie. You can't always do both.

- You guys could definitely have some gamespot guests on the Super Massive podcast, especially in the Winter when all the shows are on.