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I miss Corey :(

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@nightfang3: i hope so. His banter with Tony and Matt is great.

Still a good episode though.

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"...Patrick U-Wing?". That's exactly what I was thinking!!!!

- Unlike Matt, I'm not a film school grad. That means that my entertainment level is one of the only measurable factors I can use to rate or judge a film. But I still have common sense enough to know when I like a bad movie. That's why I like when a rating system shows you critic reviews compared to non-critic reviews.

- I was wondering why my Comic Vine YouTube channel changed to Game Spot Universe. Now I know.

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Great listen. 100% agree about the Death of X thing. I think the writers of the current X-titles have been doing the best they can, and a pretty good job imo, with what editorial has saddled them with. I'm NOT a fan of the M-Pox storyline, as a whole (along with most X-Men fans I've had contact with), but at least Bunn and Lemire have made it interesting. I'm hoping this Death of X thing is the end of M-Pox, and the end of any mention of the Inhumans in the X-titles, and not the end of the X-Men themselves (I don't think Marvel is that stupid). The longer this thing drags on the more tired of it fans are going to get. I know struggle is part of who the mutants are, as characters, but decades ago they had good times, too. It wasn't all doom and gloom all of the time. I think they really need to get back to having a balance again.

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Another enjoyable podcast!!!!

I understand you guys probably forgot about it, but I am curious what you thought of Kill or Be Killed.