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Sweet! Clickin' that PLAY button! :)

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It's the Tony gets a ticket podcast!!!

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You guys have a chill podcast. Always fun to listen!

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Thank you for the truth that the articles and reviews are going away and the site is just going to be a Wiki for Gamespot. I will get rid of my bookmark and stop checking in daily to wait for something new from, oh, say, Corey or a person who does not have an X chromosome. It's nice, because I won't have to look at the Japanese kiddie porn that keeps showing up on the right lower sidebar of new releases. I will just listen to the Podcast, which, when Tony isn't in the mood to be a ridiculous nitpicker or when he isn't needling Matt to no comic effect, is one of the best ones out there. Even without Corey. Or Babs Sara Lima. Or visits from James R. At least Brian Buccawhatever hasn't been on in a while. Thank god... yick.

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@lemmycaution: Don't men and women have X chromosomes? Did just Wikipedia lie to me?

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Loved the convo about old times. Wish I could say I've been a member for that long but I've enjoyed watching CV change for the last few years.

- I really didn't like the Baywatch trailer. Seemed like an unfunny 21 Jump Street clone, Hopefully it was just a bad trailer.

- I also hate to be a hater but I hate the Fast and Furious franchise. Which is odd because I love awesome action scenes like in the trailer. I really wish they put all this energy into a live action MASK movie.

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The only Fast & Furious movies I can sit through are the first two. The first one is still the best, imo.

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I stand by my theory that Sara Lima's fine little self got fired. The way she left was just too weird.

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@d9000: well yes, soy stupidly!