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Damn, that is one intense cover image. Although, knowing comic books it'll probably happen on the last page!


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I love vacation talk! I was hoping Tony could tell us more about the Royal Sands in Cancun. How was the food? It's right near a bunch of other resorts that I really like but for some reason the Royal Sands isn't offered by our Canadian tour operators. Weird.

And what do you mean there wasn't anything to do??? You could have gone to Playa del Carmen to hang out, or go see some ruins, or zip lining, or maybe some of the nature parks. I love checking out Cinotes. Have you done all that stuff already?

Anyway, just wanted to mention that I thought last weeks episode of The Flash was the best this season. This was the nearly full heel turn of Caitlin Snow. Keep in mind, I'm looking past the fact that the battle scenes were silly (as they tend to be when CW breaks out the computer effects), and the fact that I still don't know why A) using her powers makes her evil and B) the more she uses them the harder they are to turn off? -_-

In fact the more I think about it the less I like it so I'll stop thinking about it.

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Tony, Cyclops started the Inhuman/X-Men war. He called them out as killers. That is what he did. It was a major thing, especially how he did it. Just look back at issue #2 or #3 when he gave his hate speech. Or when you know who did I should say

Still not a great ... or even good mini, but it is what it is, I guess.

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You're right, Tony. Scott didn't do anything. The writers really dropped the ball with Death of X.