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    Native American who brought peace between her people and the English settlers

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    Pocahontas (1995)

    Pocahontas is a free spirited princess who didn't want to follow a future that was planned for her by her father, Chief Powhatan, a marriage to the tribes greatest warrior. She had a dream of a spinning arrow that she felt was directing her towards her future. Her grandmother Willow supported this idea.

    Pocahontas sees the mass of the British ships and thinks that they are strange shaped clouds. She goes to investigate and follows John Smith. He is aware that someone is following him and he hides behind a waterfall then jumps out with his gun read. He is surprised to see Pocahontas.

    They are able to get past their language barriers and start to get to know each other. Meanwhile the warriors of her tribe also go to investigate the British ships. The British soldiers are defensive and shot at the warriors. This causes a rift between the two groups. The British feel the Indians are hiding something and the Indians feel that the British are just there to take what doesn't belong to them. Both groups ban their own people from leaving their safe guarded areas.

    As Pocahontas sneaks out to meet John Smith, she is followed by the warrior who asked her father for her hand in marriage. As John Smith sneaks out to meet Pocahontas he is followed by a new young sailor. Her, John Smith and Grandmother Willow talk about what it would take for the two sides to stop their fighting and make peace.

    John and Pocahontas kiss, the warrior that followed her attacks John. The young sailor shots the warrior. Other warriors show up just after John makes the young sailor leave. They blame John Smith for the main warriors death and take him as a prisoner. Chief Powhatan declares that John Smith be executed.

    Pocahontas goes to Grandmother Willow saying she failed. Then she sees John Smith's compass and it is the spinning arrow from her dream. She runs to her village to save him and to stop the impending war. She throws her body over his and as her father tells her to move she says, " I won't! I love him, Father. Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us. This is the path I choose, Father. What will yours be?"

    The Chief spares John Smith but the Gov from the British soldiers shots the chief. John Smith jumps in the way and saves him. John needs to return to England to be saved. The British soldiers leave with Pocahontas and her tribe waving good bye.

    Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998)

    Pocahontas II: Journey to the New World is a 1998 straight-to-video animated film and a sequel of Pocahontas. The movie is set a few years after the first movie and is inspired by the real history of Pocahontas after her encounter with John Smith in 1607. Unlike the first movie, Pocahontas II shows her romance for the English Diplomat John Rolfe and her journey to London, after John Smith was presumed to be dead.

    Television Shows

    House Of Mouse (2001-2003)

    • Pocahontas is one of the several Disney characters that makes cameos in House Of House.

    Video Game

    Pocahontas is a video game based on the movie with the same name. Pocahontas is a playable character alongside with Meeko.


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