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P'Nigh is an intelligent, charismatic floating head. His origins and how he ended up on Cammera are all a mystery.


P'Nigh is the creation of Kevin Maguire. He first appeared in Weird Worlds #5 during Maguire's storyline involving another one of his creations, Tanga.

Major Story Arcs

Weird Worlds

P'Nigh lived in the fortress of Za as his trusted adviser. When Tanga appeared at the fortress and asked to see Za, P'Nigh was the one that greeted and accompanied her.

My Greatest Adventure

P'Nigh reappeared in My Greatest Adventure, which is a continuation of the story-line from Weird Worlds. Tanga returned to the Fortress of Za to once again be greeted by P'Nigh. While Tanga and Za both react to each other with anger, P'Nigh remained the unemotional companion of Za and he insisted on restraint when the pair of them wanted to fight.

Tanga and Za met up again in response to another monster attack. The pair fought each other and Tanga prevailed. After Tanga dealt with Za, she traveled back to the fortress to confront P'Nigh and Fialla.


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