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    Once the world's greatest hero, years of criticism and being feared led the Plutonian to snap. His slaughter of millions and fellow teammates have deemed him the world's greatest supervillain.

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    The Plutonian was once considered to be the world's greatest and most beloved superhero until he went rogue. Very little is known of his past, even those he was "close" to did not know much about him. His origin unknown, the mysterious power house has been suspected of being an orphaned mutant, an alien refugee or someone that received powers after some kind of an accident. The only clues they have to who the Plutonian really is, might be, or once was have been sparse. Since his going rogue the Paradigm, a team of heroes he was once a part of, have only learned: he has a potential "fortress of solitude" of sorts in a volcano, had a girlfriend named Alana Patel and she did not even really know him, he did actually fear someone which was his greatest and deadliest foe Modeus but sadly he has been missing for years, he may have grown up in Wyoming and he may have been connected to fellow hero Bette Noir more than anyone expected.


    Plutonian was created by writer Mark Waid and was first penciled by Peter Krause. Waid created the character for the Irredeemable series which was published by Boom! Studios.

    Major Story Arcs

    Truly Evil Acts

    Plutonian was once known for his acts of incredible heroism and altruism but he will now be known for his acts of genocide and possibly limitless cruelty. He has begun to hunt down the heroes he once allied himself with causing them to live in fear and suffer at his hands. He disintegrated the Hornets wife and baby in front of him and then destroyed him in front of his daughter. While his ex super team members ask Samsara the ex partner and "best friend" of the Plutonian if he knew anything that could help them in their crusade against him but the young hero did not remember anything because Plutonian had used his eye beams to shoot the back of the boys head, lobotomizing him. The group was distraught after learning this but their situation got worse when the Plutonian arrived but Qubit, a technology master, had created bracelets that would teleport he and his allies away to safety. While the team tried formulating a plan against him and began searching for his girlfriend, Alana Patel, the Plutonian started playing his cruel games. He forced a couple to have sex while he watched and made the woman wear a wig and asked to be saved. He knows the identity of every hero and villain, after he punched through Inferno's head, another of his former allies, he was found making coffee in Infernos hideout by a group of villains. The villains were raiding the hideout for anything they could find or wanted and thought Plutonian was now "on their team," but he is on neither. Little did the villains know two heroes had the same idea they had but while one stood guard outside the other hid watching them. The villains hesitantly questioned Plutonian about his allegiance and he again toys with them, he wants a sign of their trust and gives them each a device, which he made them believe might destroy him, which he expected them to activate, which they did, and activated the self destruct countdown of the base. The villains were destroyed as well as the hero inside and gravely injuring the one outside. He searched the rubble and found a female villain hiding in a force field as she begged to live she said she would do anything to which the Plutonian asked how she would look in a wig. He destroyed his city he protected, killing nearly every citizen living there. He had an ally an electric powered hero known as Bolt who he had inspired to join the team and not charge for his heroics. Bolt looked up to Plutonian and viewed him as more than a super hero so one night he found his old friend and tried reasoning with him and begged him to stop but this was no use. Bolt let Plutonian know he truly admired him and he would give his right arm for him so the Plutonian evilly smiled and said OK, we later see Bolt with only one arm. Possibly his greatest act of evil occurred when he created an asteroid shower to rain down on Singapore. The Paradigm tried saving as many as they could but the Plutonian caught them and only allowed them to save 10 people. After taking 10 Plutonian disintegrated almost everyone else. Those that still were alive struggled to survive the Plutonians chaos as he formed his own fortress.

    The Hunt

    As the Paradigm struggled to stay hidden and deal with their dwindling numbers they continued to try to figure out how to take their old friend and new adversary down. The team had been searching for the Plutonian original base with the aid of multiple robots with the same brain pattern and likeness of Modeus, the arch nemesis of Plutonian and the only person he fears. They finally found the complex and opened a "window" to see their enemy but panicked when they thought he saw them and closed the portal. They decided they would infiltrate it when the time was right but they then realized the robots had vanished. The team looked all over for the robots only to find them in a storage area. A battle ensued and Qubit accidentally activated an S.O.S device the Plutonian could hear from anywhere. The team panicked as he rushed towards their base but in the chaos they decided to infiltrate the Plutonian base since they knew he was not going to be there. As the others left Charybdis stayed behind to occupy Plutonian, since he was considering himself expendable (he was the twin super hero that survived the explosion but was left powerless). The team teleported away moments before Plutonian broke into the base. He threw Charybdis around but he had prepared a way of distracting the Plutonian. He showed news coverage of Plutonian and the team reacting to a tragic viral outbreak that melted kids skin and left them skeleton zombies. Plutonian has been unable to recover from this incident and he is still haunted by Charybdis even informs him he knows who caused the incident..... Plutonian was to blame.

    Charybdis becomes THE SURVIVOR

    Another bombshell is dropped when Charybdis reveals he has been sharing his power with his brother and now that he is out of commission he has it all back. He starts emitting a red energy and attacks the Plutonian. The Plutonian is completely surprised by this show of power. Their fight ends up taking them all throughout the ruins of the city. Cary (Charybdis) is able to dominate the Plutonian because he had the upper hand by surprising him and the Plutonian has never been truly tested by an enemy before. Plutonian eventually flees out of fear and sheer surprise. Plutonian eventually goes to Sam Sara's body to talk and is surprised to find him alive and "well." The evil Modeus is actually somehow inhabiting the young hero's body. He then goes and "visits" homes of his ex foster parents in his search to understand how he could be so feared for being a good person (when he was a kid and before he snapped). He torments a family he once lived with and questions why they loved the mentally handicapped child (now grown) more than him and fear him still even after he saved a boy when he was young. The family had not even spoken a single word since he left because they feared his super hearing, they resorted to writing down everything on note pads they around their necks. After asking Sam to wait outside he disintegrates the couple with his heat vision, leaving the handicapped person to fend for himself (which he cannot).

    A New Threat Emerges

    The army resorts to magic and demons as a last resort to take care of The Plutonian and the other super powered individuals. After a general is forced to read an incantation he is painfully transformed into a powerful and skilled hunting demon known as Orian

    Powers and Abilities

    The Plutonian seemingly has a power set similar to the one of Superman with superhuman strength, flight, extreme durability, optical blast and speed "faster than thoughts". In fact those powers are not physical by nature but are the result of vast unconscious psionic ability allowing the Plutonian to manipulate matter up to the atomic level.

    This has two consequences: the first one being that the physical impact of the Plutonian's power exceeds the one usually consented to Superman. The second one is that, would the Plutonian realize the psionic nature of his powers and his true potential, he would possibly enter the reality warpers category, as stated by his former team-mate Qubit.


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