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Plumbers have been around for a long time. They have kept alien species from being completely wiped out. Plumbers usually pick a special person from each species, Max Tennyson was picked from Earth. He is the most senior and respected Plumber on the force. He currently trains all the new plumbers so that they can be ready, the current best plumbers are Ben 10, Gwen Tennyson, and Kevin Levin. These three have proven themselves to be the best of the best. The rookie plumbers are Manny, Alan, Pierce, and Helen they are currently being trained by Max.  


 Plumbers that were members, are active members, or were killed in the line of duty. 

Killed In the Lines Of Duty Plumbers

  • Devin Levin: Devin Levin was the father of Kevin Levin. He is a osmosian, and Kevin is a Osmosian Hybrid. Devin was killed by a alien bounty hunter named Ragnarok. Ragnarok was eventually killed by Kevin.
  • Magister Labrid: Magister Labrid was high in rank in the Plumbers Team. He was killed by a gun shot, when trying to protect Kevin Levin. He also knew Max Tennyson.

Plumbers in Training

  • Manny: Is a hot-shot quick to fight Plumber. He was recruited by Max Tennyson after the battle of Vilgax
  • Alan: is a pyronite/human hybrid he was also recruited by Max Tennyson.
  • Helen: Helen is the sister of Pierce. She is a Kineceleran/human hybrid, she has the power to run up to 300mph. 
  • Pierce: Pierce is the older brother to Helen. He has the power to shoot out spikes out of any place on his body, and also make different kinds of weapons. 

Senior Members

  • Max Tennyson: Max is the most senior member on the Plumber team, his knowledge and experience has helped Ben and his team many times. Max is currently retired.
  • Ben "10" Tennyson: Ben is the Grandson of Max Tennyson. He has the most powerful weapon in the universe the Ultimatrix. The Omnitrix was destroyed by him so that Vilgax would not use it. 
  • Gwen Tennyson: Gwen is the Granddaughter of Max Tennyson. She and her cousin Ben are both Human/Anodite hybrids, however Gwen is the only one with the powers. She is also the girlfriend of Kevin Levin.
  • Kevin Levin: Kevin Levin is the best friend of Ben Tennyson. Although they disagree on a lot of things, they still work together as a team. Kevin is a Osmosian/Human hybrid he has the power to make weapons from his body and also absorb any kind of material. He is the boyfriend of Gwen Tennyson.   

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