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    Platoon is a war suit created by an illegal weapons cartel known as ARMS. David Chodosh donned the suit and would come into conflict with Spider-Man and Iron Fist. Platoon would reappear years later but is defeated by the hero known as Annex.

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    Doctor David Chodosh was working with an illegal weapons cartel known as ARMS and they were creating a number of war suits to compete with other organizations like AIM. A traitor in the the Rand Corporation was supplying munitions supplies to the cartel when Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist discovered the news. Spider-Man also looked into the cartel after the Daily Bugle was writing a story about ARMS. Chodosh led both men to the sub-basement of Rand's Manhattan corporate headquarters and ambushed them as Platoon. Platoon told his employer that he neutralized Spider-Man and Iron Fist with a sonic pulse but they were upset with Chodosh's move. Chodosh refused to listen to his boss and left with the Platoon suit. Spider-Man and Iron Fist survived the initial assault and found Platoon on the Brooklyn Bridge demanding several million dollars in exchange for a family he held hostage. The two heroes managed to save the hostages and get close enough for Iron Fist to crack Platoon's titanium shell. Spider-Man was able to lock up Platoon's internal systems from the exposed wires sticking out of the suit. Iron Fist and Spider-Man gave Platoon a double uppercut and the terrorist crashed into the water below. The SWAT team fished the unconscious Platoon from the East River when an army of Platoon suits appeared and started terrorizing the civilians on the bridge. The Platoon reinforcements are eventually defeated by Spider-Man and Iron Fist.


    Platoon was created by Terry Kavanagh and Jae Lee in 1994 and first appeared in Spider-Man # 42.

    Powers & Abilities

    Platoon is a war-suit with a titanium shell and equipped with a vast array of offensive weaponry. Platoon has a variety of range attacks that include a sonic pulse blast, a corrosive acid, heat-seeking rockets, buzzsaw blades and compressed air blasts. The Platoon suit also has the ability of flight and grants the wearer enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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