Wachowskis On Plastic Man Or Maybe Superman?

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Last summer there was a rumor that Keanu Reeves might be playing Plastic Man in a movie by the Wachowski Bros.  The latest according to a scoop by AICN is director James McTeigue has apparently confirmed that Plastic Man would be the next movie for the Brothers.

The rest of the news is because Bryan Singer isn't interested in doing a Superman re-boot, Warner Bros. has been forced to look for someone else.  McTeigue has allegedly said that the Wachowski Bros. have been approached to take it over.

I think either would be interesting.  Thinking back to the last Matrix movies or Speed Racer movie, I'm not sure what to expect if they did either.  Part of me would prefer to see a Plastic Man movie first since Superman has been done so many times.  I don't know if people would want another one so soon after "Superman Returns."  Then again, he is more of a household name over Plastic Man.  The merchandising alone would be reason enough to lean towards Supes. 

It's all a rumor for now.  What do you think?  Sound good or just too wacky?  Who could play Plastic Man?  Should Brandon Routh return or someone new?  (I'm sure someone will say Tom Welling).
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I think the Wachowski Brothers could make an amazing Superman movie. Neo really reminded me of Supes in the Matrix sequels. It might be a little too soon for a new Superman movie though. Superman Returns was pretty bad in my opinion and I think people might need some more time to forget about it. I'd love to see them direct a Plastic Man movie though. 

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I think Jim Carrey should be Plastic Man. Carrey's the greatest actor ever!

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I feel stupid but...

who are the wachowski bros?

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I mentioned they did the Matrix trilogy and the Speed Racer movie.  HERE's their wikipedia page.  I think it could be hit or miss

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count me unexcited then

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I'lll watch anything the Wachowzki brothers make


hope Jim Carrey plays Plastic Man

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