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    Plant Man is a Robot Master form South America, He was originally the caretaker of a botanical garden who was re-purposed as a combat model for the World Robot Master Tournament.

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    Mega Man 6

    As a botanical Robot, Plant Man's appearance belies his robotic origins. He was the mascot at his botanical garden in South America and could be quite shy when attention was drawn to him. He was changed into a combat model when the Tournament hosted by Mister X was announced and became one of the Final 8 thanks to his Plant Barrier Attack. Plant Man was reprogrammed by Mister X into serving as a general in his Robot Army, though was later defeated by Mega Man in battle, who copied his ability.

    Archie Comics

    In the Archie Comics volume, Plant Man was created by Dr. Pedro Astil with the help of Dr. Light. His unique botanical basis makes him invulnerable to electromagnetic pulses.

    Powers and Abilities

    Plant Man as a botanical robot had some unique powers when compared to his fellow Robot Masters. Plant Mans flower like body allowed to camouflage himself among the foliage to gain an advantage on his opponent. Plant Man was reported to be able to speak with plants and could somewhat control them. Plant Man's defensive/offensive power was his Plant Barrier attack which surrounds him with petal like projectiles that protect him from harm. Plant Man can then throw this wheel like barrier as a projectile. Plant Man is weak to Freeze Mans Freeze Cracker and semi weak to Flame Mans Flame Blast.


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