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Axel and Elijah spend an afternoon talking and reminiscing about their lives.

Elijah snow comes into a hospital room to talk to the superhuman Doctor Axel Brass or Doc Brass who has recovered except his deformed legs. It seems that Doc Brass was unaware of the true year when he was first recovered by Planetary.

Brass then briefly reflects on his life and his past and how he was special, it is revealed that his family some of the greatest minds of intellectual Europe dating back to the French Revolution predicted the coming of a superhuman and created a new kind of diet a new learning system original exercise regime and applied it to their own children. It also is shown that Brass' parents were brother and sister one of the few things in life that disturbs him.

Elijah then puts in a tape in the tv of Jenny Sparks someone the two of them have met in Brass' room the two reminisce of a common

acquaintance John Cumberland who died saving a planet in outer space Cumberland's death makes Brass remember a battle he had with Neo-Arachnids beneath Chicago.

The two then leave the office and go outside to speak Snow says he doesn't trust Planetary and then asks about one of Brass' former allies who died in their last battle, Hark. It is shown that Hark was an enemy to Britain than America but Brass pleaded with Hark and convinced him to change his ways. It is also shown that Hark's daughter Is Anna Hark of the Hark Corporation and may be very manipulative.

Soon after Brass and Hark teamed up to make the world a better place they were joined by others who shared the two's goal including Secret Agent Jimmy, the challenger of unknown things the Aviator, Kevin sack Lord Blackstock an English lord raised in the jungles of Africa, the inventor-adventurer Edison, and the Dark Millionaire a man committed to fighting crimes in all its forms. All of them banded together to save the world even battling a group of Demonites. The group of men then became disillusioned at the violence of the world and decided to make the world a better place. At the end of 1944 Doc Brass and his allies prepared to gather for what would be their final meeting.

Doc Brass then tells an irrated Snow who is angry Planetary has not helped him understand life better that if you save the world it will repay you. The two then light up cigarette and Brass tells Snow to get his questions first before he looks for answers Elijah Snow's question seems to be who is the Fourth Man the benefactor of Planetary. Brass then tells Snow he would have liked teaming with him and his men in the thirties Snow responds regretfully he was busy.

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