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Planetary travels to Hong Kong to investigate the ghost of a slain cop bent on vengeance.

In Hong Kong a criminal is has just taken the life of a woman as he and some other man in his car drive they are confronted by what appears to be the ghost of a Hong Kong cop. The two drive faster apparently not seeing his spectral form attempting to hit and kill him but soon are attacked by the ghost cop they crash killing one of the men while the other is shot in the head and killed.

As the ghost cop disappears he spotted by Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and The Drummer. In the Hong Kong office of Planetary they are informed by a Planetary worker Michelle there that nothing truly happens in Hong Kong only the ghost cop she explains that who says she worked at Planetary for six years something Jakita takes notice as she never met anyone who has worked at Planetary longer than four years. She tells them the ghost cop is seen as a type of fairy tale a cop is betrayed and killed and remains for vengeance until another cop is betrayed and killed.

Later that night Michelle takes the three to the street the Ghost cop named Shek Chi-Wai was murdered she says that Chi-Wai was a very good cop taking down the whole structure of criminals as Chi-Wai and his partner Mok were going to pick up to hired hands Chi-Wai was shot in the head execution style by a man named Tony and someone else leaving his partner Mok missing. While on that corner The Drummer senses some sort of information signal he asks Jakita to stomp the ground and there then is a a glowing crack in the street and a bright light revealing some sort of giant structure with what appears to be bodies in it. The Drummer says that it is like a big stack of hard drives holding information but they hear a voice calling it God and it is Chi-Wai saying it's unimaginably huge with more than one hundred thousand angles Drummer sees a connection to the multiverse. Chi-Wai says his partner killed him for no other reason then just not liking him the man shot in the head earlier was Tony Chi-Wai says he was brought back for vengeance not just for him but everyone Chi-Wai tells Planetary to tell his girlfriend he left behind to enjoy life as it is the best it gets saying there is nothing after death or any punishment for the bad people of the world saying they must pay for their crimes in life. soon Mok drives his car fast towards them all trying to hit them Jakita uses her superhuman strength to stop him Mok still alive is angrily confronted by Chi-Wai angry for losing his life he then shoots Mok in the head killing and tells Planetary there is no mystery just just us he then fades away Drummer thinks Chi-Wai said "Justice" but Snow corrects him and says Just us.


  • Ranked #13 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born".


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"There's Just Us" 0

In Planetary even the "mystery of the week" issue can have a very interesting overall mystery and revelation. Our Archaeologists of the strange encounter a vengeful spirit of a murdered Hong Kong Cop and how he is taking revenge on those who do wrong. The afterlife come into question as they see a machine like structure drummer believes to like a big Hardrive for souls. This is shown to be possible as the Nature of Souls are Explained in Issue 11. I believe Warren Ellis Point is that the Afterli...

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One the best covers i've ever seen, and also, a GREAT tale. 0

Planetary should be kind of "essential" Reading for those who're looking for an alternative reading in a comic book medium filled with useless crossovers and maxi-series, despite his length (26 issues) Planetary offers a nice vision of the world as we know it, it's full of secrets, myths and legends that are surprisingly true, and it's up to our stars, Jakita, Drummer and Elijah to unravel the secrets of this mad, mad world. Superbly written by Warren Ellis and drawn by the "one and only" John "...

0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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