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Reed Richards just found out that the Hulk has a son. A great, big barbarian son named Skaar who's known nothing but
blood and rage after being abandoned by his father to be born on fire on a war-torn alien planet. And now Skaar's coming to Earth, where a showdown with his father could literally split the globe in two. So with just twenty four hours to spare, Mr. Fantastic must determine how to face the advent of... PLANET SKAAR! Don't miss the perfect jumping on point for a brand new epic in which the Son of Hulk finally slashes straight into the heart of the Marvel Universe! PLUS, 8 pages of Director's Cut style extras!


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Down To Earth 0

*SOME SPOILERS*Planet Skaar Prologue, was just that, a set-up issue for the bigger arc.  Greg Pak has mentioned that his Hulk story is a trilogy, and I expect this may be part three.  Pak brings Skaar to Earth looking for Hulk, and his mere approach causes Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters to "Hulk-up".  Norman Osborn, pardons the Warbound and then does his best Montgomery Burns, as he finds out about how Skaar's pressence has effected Kate Waynesboro.  I was pleasently surprised with dan Panosi...

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Is It A Smash? 0

Originally posted on May 26, 2009.      Are there any Skaar fans out there?  What do you think is going to happy with the father-son reunion?  Will this be as epic as Planet Hulk?  Do you think it'll cross over into the rest of the Marvel Universe?  ...

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Skaar Makes His Grand Entrance on Planet Earth 0

Seems like the past couple of years, giving a major superhero a lost son has been the thing to do.  Batman, Wolverine, movie Superman, and the not so jolly green giant, The Hulk have all had sons added to their character roster in recent years.  After Greg Pak's mostly brilliant Planet Hulk storyline and pretty good World War Hulk arc, we were left with the knowledge that Hulk's unborn son survived the destruction of his home planet.  Transported away from his planet, which was next on the menu ...

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