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    The Planet Shaper are large engines designed by the Kherubim to terraform worlds and seed Kheran life on them whilst turning the native inhabitants into a servitor race.

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    The Planet Shapers were large terraforming engines that were constructed by the fabricators of the Kherubim race during the origin times. During this time, a number of such machines were scattered around the region of space near the planet Khera. Each were programmed to locate worlds of potential development with the goal of advancing and progressing the Kheran people as it had always done. Upon arriving at a selected world, the seeding engine inserted itself deep beneath the forming mantle of the planet. Following insertion, a period of dormancy began where the engine went inert whilst it waited for the selected planet to stabilize and begin its own life cycle. After sentient life emerges, the Planet Shaper reactivated to begin the next stage of its operation. Local genetic material was modified to produce a servitor race whilst a pure gene-stock of Kherubim was retained within the seeding engine. By this point, the pure Kherubim were introduced into the biosphere of the new world and thus begin the new branch of their species. Thus, each world taken by a unique qualities to bring about healthy variation and development for new Kheran branches. Once introduced, instruments within the seeding engine restructured geographic and climate conditions in order to ensure the benefit of the Kheran elite. In order to ensure their ascendance, Atlas-series constructs were tasked with ensuring that pure Kherubim were allowed to mature and prosper to gain mastery of the planet which was why native populations were targeted by these machies to thin their number. Should any local servitor race genetic material be unusable or deviant than the Kheran machinery was tasked with that species elimination before they could rise to threaten or rebel against the Kherubim.

    Each Planet Shaper contained a data core that contained within its archives a complete memory replay of its databanks thus containing the history of these ancient relics. One engine landed on the world of Khera leading to the emergence of the Kherubim species who displaced the native Titanthropes. In later generations, Khera was considered the homeworld of the Kherubim with their true history being largely forgotten though the native Titanthropes retained legends of how the Kherans were not native to the planet. One such machine landed on the world of Daemon that was the home planet of the Daemonites who were originally a servitor race to the Kherubim. Originally made as slaves, the Daemonites rebelled against the Kherubim and thus started the eternal enimity between the two species. Another Planet Shaper landed on Earth though it never activated but remained dormant on the world.

    In one reality, Mr Majestic had departed Earth for an entire year where he encountered Daemonites from an alternate universe who had conquered their existence. Through the Bleed, they ravaged Earth where they uncovered the Planet Shaper which they used to terraform the world to better suit their environmental needs. With the help of Spartan, Majestic went back in time to stop the alternate reality Daemonites from invading his Earth. At some point, Helspont learnt of the Planet Shapers existence but believed them to be the means his hated enemies established colonies. Under the guise of James Wyvern, he led a human corporation called Pacificon that attempted to recover the Earth Planet Shaper engine. During the incident, Desmond merged with the AI of the seeding engine. At the Earth Planet Shaper, he was astonished to learn that the machines were used to drive the evolution of the Kheran race. By this point, Khera had became stagnant and divided with various factions trying to make a new homeworld for their species by gaining the Planet Shaper for themselves. One such faction included the Shapers Guild led by Master Motile Javen who came under the guise of protecting the seeding engine. To oppose them were a group led by the warlord Imperator with him joining forces with Mr Majestic to stop the Shapers from achieving their goal. Ultimately, they were successful in stopping the Planet Shaper from going active on Earth.


    The Planet Shapers were created in Majestic v2 during Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's run.


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