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A world where inhabitants do not have any predator. Thus they live in a peaceful harmony.

Unfortunately, when Thanos is brought back to life by his mistress Death, he selects this planet to start killing half the population in the universe.... Thanos brings the Silver Surfer on this planet to show illustrate the importance of this great imbalance of people living and dying.

Thanos knew that the Surfer would carry small bacteries which are lethal to the Salarians. The Surfer goes back on the planet to help the survivors giving them an universal antibody.

The Salarians were victims of Thanos' determination and horror and the Surfer sworn to put an end to the Mad Titan while watching the Salarians count their dead and grieve.

While the Silver Surfer is being judged by P-UZD-C on Dynamo City, images of the Salarians are projected into the Surfer's mind.

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