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Get Ready for some Damn Dirty Apes

There has been comic adaptations before and now BOOM! Studios is embarking on another series, tied to the original movie's continuity. Will this attempt succeed to capture the franchise's true essence? 

The Good  

The comic takes place 1,200 years before Taylor (Charlton Heston) arrived. That also means that this story takes place in our future (in the year 2680). I was a little unsure of that setting but quickly understood that this allows for some more freedom in telling new stories. If you've seen the original movies, you know how and when the turning point came for apes to become more than just animals. In this time, apes and humans co-exist but not in the bleak future told in the movies. Men still have the ability to speak and are allowed their independence. But it's clear that their time will soon be over. If you've seen the preview, you know that when an assassin targets the leader of the apes, the Lawgiver, tension will soon be at an all time high.

When it comes to drawing Planet of the Apes, you have to be careful. Even though I highly enjoyed the original movies, you have to admit that the costumes and make up, while great for the time, haven't completely held up to today's standards. The choice would have to be made in whether or not the apes should look more like they did in the original movies or if they should have a more animalistic interpretation. Carlos Magno does a great job. The apes still look like...apes but in a way that it feels possible they could be moving around and talking the way that they do in this period. The backgrounds are almost eerie in that we are seeing a time in between the present and the future world of the franchise. The combination and designs were perfect.

The Bad  

I did like the story and I am curious about this time period. Being that it was just the first issue, I can't say I was completely blown away. That is mainly because of my fondness for the franchise and the fact that I'm giving this extreme scrutiny. I need to see more of the world being established here. First issues often are stuck with the task in setting everything up. There is clearly a bigger picture that we're not seeing and that is what does have me hooked. There are indeed seeds planted and I do want to see what is going to happen next. 

The Verdict  

As a fan that takes Planet of the Apes seriously, I was pleased with the comic. It has enough seeds to arouse my curiosity and the art is fitting for capturing the essence of the franchise while also taking it to a new level. For me there was no question if I would check out the first issue. I'd like to know what the casual comic reader or non-Planet of the Apes fan will think. It is set up nicely for those new to the franchise and so far, enough of a feel to the original idea.

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