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    Character » Planet Master appears in 8 issues.

    Planet Master was an agent of the terrorist mastermind Kobra. Given a special suit which produced phenomena like our solar system planets. He was the field leader of the original Strike Force.

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    Professor Irving Norbert

    Irving Norbert was exposed to the gases of a meteor and gained a Mr. Hyde-type second personality. This personality became a criminal. He made weapons based on the planets. He manage to discover the alter egos of and outwit Batman and Robin, but the gas wore off and he forgot about his misadventures.

    Edward Burke?

    He joined Korba's Strike Force Kobra team. He battled (and was defeated by) the Outsiders.


    The original Planet Master had planet-based weapons.

    The second Planet Master could simulate the "abilities" of the planets. For example, he can use the speed of Mercury, heat of Mars, the strength of Jupiter, spinning of Saturn and cold of Pluto

    Other Media

    Batman the Brave and the Bold

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    The original Planet Master appears in Batman the Brave and the Bold TV series. He first appearance in episode "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure" voice by Stephen Root. He attacking the abandoned Yarmouth Gold Mine and fighting Blue Beetle. While Aquaman stopping in a western town with his family, he takes the opportunity to help Blue Beetle fight Planet Master in order to keep him from stealing the gold. Aquaman managed to divert the Planet Master's artificial meteor back at him. He later makes a cameo appearance in episode "A Bat Divided!" where he was seen with other Batman villains in the "8 Bar", a known haunt for third-rate costumed villains.


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