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Pkzkrfmknna's father was a magician and her mother was a scientist. She wanted to follow in both of her parents' footsteps and that is why she became a self proclaimed arcanologist. She travels around the galaxy to look for ancient arcane objects.

In one of her quests for such an object(the Eye of Basphorus), she was arrested and put in the same cell as Doctor Strange who was being held there as well. With the help of Stephen Strange, they broke out of the prison but right after grabbing the Eye of Basphorus. After Strange used the Eye she learnt that he was a magician and she decided to travel with him in search for arcane objects. At the beginning of her travels with Strange she was given the simpler name Kanna for the convenience of the Sorcerer Supreme.


  • Magic - She appears to be an expert in the magic arts because of her encounters with magic from her father and all of the magical objects she has possessed in her hands.
  • Technomancy - Kanna learned to use scientific elements as substitutes for magical ingredients.

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