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    Pixx had the ability to conjure illusions in the minds of others and understand advanced technology at a glance. She sacrificed herself while saving the world.

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    Penny Burka was initially a normal school girl. Her powers surfaced in early adolescence however. She suffered from recurring hallucinations that could also affect people in her immediate vicinity. Unable to control them at first, Penny was rejected from her friends at school and her parents at home. The latter trusted her to Contrary, teacher of the Academy of the New Elite where other young super-humans were tutored.

    She gained better control of her powers and followed her teacher in forming Ultraforce. Her mechanical skills made her the only member able to defuse several hundred nuclear warheads gathered by Atalon to form his arsenal. She did so but her protective suit was damaged, resulting in her death from radiation poisoning moments after completing the task.

    Powers & Abilities

    Penny's primary power was projecting three -dimensional visual and auditory illusions. She was at times able to use the subconcious fear of her opponents against them. Whether she was a low-level telepath or simply deduced these fears is unknown. Her powers occassionaly backfired, leaving her subjected to her own hallucinations. Penny could project said hallucinations to others both conciously and subconciously.

    Her secondary power seems to have been technopathy. She was a prodigy with all things mechanical, electrical and computerized. She could master advanced technolory previously unfamiliar to her in a matter of a minutes. She was able to conclude the deactivation of the nuclear warheads in less than an hour. She was intelligent but this is the only field where her learning abilities were superhuman.


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