How pixie will improve ?

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Pixie was a littel girl with simple powers she had 2 colored butterfly wings and pixie dust , after magic tooked of her soul in order to creat a soulsward but insted she took only part of her soul and created souldagger , the souldagger appers to hurt things and people although it only hurt magical beings but pixie used her souldagger to hurt people Physicaly , magic teached pixie a teleportation spell so now she is a teleportar , she can teleport her and others over vast distances , open portals and teleport thing from far without touching them . The dark hole in pixie's soul makes her able to use magic and even dark magic , but dr.strange talled her that he will teach her magic by the age of 18 , so what do u think will happen what could she bacome ? Mabye she will use spells such as tracking , magical blast , astral projection and force fields ! I think that mabye if pixie started to use magic she will become evil ! Because everytime she use her souldagger she became darker and doesn't care , rightnow she can fly and teleport both of them are cool powers , please tell me how do u think pixie's powers wil improve ? And well that affect her personalty ?

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