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    Pixie is an Eternal member of the First Line. Presumably she has standard Eternal powers, but prefers to use a "pixie dust" that temporarily turns people to stone.

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    There have been three Marvel characters using the name Pixie: an Eternal member of the First Line, a Morlock, and a mutant student at the Xavier Academy. The Eternal named Pixie was fascinated by Earth's costumed heroes and wanted to be counted among their numbers. Her first attempt was to convince the Hipster (aka Captain Hip) to take her on as a sidekick. After his refusal she met up with the young man who would become Oxbow. After taking an active hand in his origin, Pixie met her goals as Oxbow's sidekick. The two eventually became members of The First Line. As a part of First Line, Pixie and the team worked alongside Sunshine, Cap'n Hip and the Avenger Thor to defeat the villain the Rumor.  

    Pixie was one of the few to survive the tragic, yet victorious ending of the First Line in the teams final battle against the invading Skrull fleet. Pixie was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative program in the Civil War Battle Damage Report.   



    The Eternal Pixie was created by John ByrneAl Milgrom and Glynis Oliver Wein. The character first appears in Marvel: The Lost Generation #12. Marvel: The Lost Generation notably was released in reverse traditional numbering, with the series beginning with issue 12 and ending with issue 1.   

    Powers and Abilities

    Typical Eternal abilities and powers, including flight and superstrength. Pixie is extremely durable and immune to conventional diseases. She is age resistant. Pixie would often use her limited transmutation powers but would describe the process as using 'Pixie Dust' in conjunction with a powder she would carry. She primarily used transmutation to turn objects into stone, but the effect was usually only temporary.  
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 5'3" 
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Red


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