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    Taken from his mother's womb by Zoyvod and spliced with alien D.N.A., Pitt is a half human/half Creed warrior who protects both his twin brother Timmy and Earth from the Creed.

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    When Allen and Annie Bracken were on their way to a hospital, they were abducted by the Creed. Zoyvod took one of the eggs from Annie and sent it back to earth. The Creed genetically altered the egg so that he would become a weapon for the Creed. One day Pitt woke up and broke free. Pitt's escape attempt was halted by his half-brother Wroth. They thought Pitt was dead and his body was to be dumped. On his way to the dump, however, Pitt awoke and attacked his pilot. The pilot in self-defense shot Pitt out of the vessel.

    After that. Pitt lived in the wild for a while, learning how to survive and fight. Pitt was eventually caught and trained by the man who was supposed to dump him, Quagg. For years, Pitt was the personal assassin for Zoyvod until one day he went to the planet Chakra. There, Pitt's mind was merged with the mind of a young boy named Jereb. This changed him, and Pitt fled his homeworld. Zoyvod immediately went after Pitt as he headed back to Earth.

    Pitt ended up in a subway station in New York, where he saved his half-brother Timmy. After that, Pitt lived on the streets for a while, trying to adapt to his current situation. After a while, the Creed arrived on Earth because of the fact that Pitt and Timmy's DNA were very similar to the Creed target Timmy. Pitt, sensing something was wrong, rushed to Timmy. Pitt battled the aliens and during the battle Jereb left Pitt's mind and entered Timmy's. Jereb was a child blessed with a very strong spirit and using this spirit Timmy was able to defeat Zoyvod. This ended the battle between Pitt and the aliens.

    Timmy was soon kidnapped by the Creed. Pitt turned to the New York-based superhero team Axiom for help. Wroth teamed up with the leader of the Axiom, Professor Holdsworth, and they struck a deal: Holdsworth could have the power of Timmy in exchange for Wroth being able to have Pitt. Their plan failed, however and Wroth fled the scene. He returned later only to be defeated by a Zoyvod- controlled Pitt.

    Due to the war between the Creed and the Cenobite, Pitt would have been attacked by the Cenobite had they found him on Earth. The Cenobite Eurial therefore hid him in Shimmerspace until they were gone. There, Pitt again met Jereb. While in Shimmerspace, Jereb could see all time at once: past, present, and future. He told Pitt some of the things that would happen to him. Pitt was only in Shimmerspace for a very short period of time, but when he came out, five years had passed on Earth.

    While Pitt had been in Shimmerspace, an organization bent on world domination known as the Think Tank had created clones of Pitt to do their bidding. One of these clones was sent to steal some alien artifacts from a military installation. In reaction, the United States Army sent soldiers to kill Pitt. The battle ended with Pitt killing all of the soldiers and then heading towards the White House. Once there, he killed a body double of President Clinton. Pitt somehow found out about the Think Tank being behind it all and went to the Crossbow Technologies building where he killed their leaders, the Guileys.


    • Height: 7'
    • Weight: 1,000 lbs
    • Eyes: Red
    • Hair: Black
    • Unusual features: no nose, has claws and gray skin tone


    Pitt possesses superhuman strength and durability. He has a great healing factor, to which extent is not known. He uses pain as a stimulant, responding to it by becoming a more aggressive fighter. He also has retractable claws that can cut through a variety of substances.


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