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Nothing is known about Piton. At some point she joined forces with Mountain Man, with whom she appears to have developed a romantic relationship. She is known to police.


Piton was created by Karl Kesel and Stuart Immonen. She made her first appearance in Adventures of Superman #520.

Major Story Arcs

Night of 100 Thieves

Piton and Mountain Man rob Everest Pike's penthouse as part of the Night of 100 Thieves. Though they manage to evade the attention of Superman, they are confronted by Babe. Piton fires on Babe, but is easily overwhelmed. Babe vanishes when the police arrive, and Piton, distressed by the encounter, begs to be arrested. She is taken into custody.

Powers and Abilities

Based on her name and dialogue, she appears to be an accomplished mountain climber. She is a skilled thief and housebreaker.

Weapons and Equipment

Piton wears wrist-mounted guns which appear to fire pitons. She also carries climbing rope and may carry other accessories for use in climbing.


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