Pit Bull

    Character » Pit Bull appears in 4 issues.

    A leader of the Man-Dogs.

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    Pit Bull is the boss of the Man-Dogs and he is also a major drug supplier in Mexico. Pit Bull is a humanoid dog with violent tendencies and even the cartels don't want to cross his path. Pit Bull runs into the Hulk and Punisher in Mexico as they try to take down the Man-Dogs and his cartel. The Hulk has a feeling that Banner put him in this predicament and teams up with the Punisher to get some answers. Pit Bull eventually engages with the Hulk and tells him that Banner refused to be his new chemist after he gave Banner his pinkie finger. Hulk wanted more answers but Pit Bull shoots the gamma giant with a heroin gun. The Hulk begins to feel weak but he remembers to stay angry and hangs from the moving diesel truck as he drags Pit Bull on the road. Pit Bull is eventually overwhelmed by the pain and tells the Hulk to go to the East Juarez Self Storage. Hulk finds a metal case with Pit Bull's finger inside and realize that Banner rigged the case as it begins to fill the room with gas.


    Pit Bull was created by The Incredible Hulk writer Jason Aaron and artist Steve Dillon.

    Powers, Abilities & Weapons

    Pit Bull is a humanoid dog with enhanced strength and durability. Pit Bull's senses are a bit enhanced due to his animal attributes and has used a weapon called a heroin gun that shoots miniature darts that injects heroin into the victim's body once the darts penetrate the skin.


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