Character » Pistolera appears in 33 issues.

    A member of the Ravens. She was later killed by Deadshot.

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    Pistolera was the partner of an assassin called Gunhawk. They were depicted as both business partners and lovers. After defeat at the hands of Batman, they would later return to face his temporary replacement, Azrael. But, eventually, the two would have a falling out and Bunny decides to strike out on her own. Changing her code-name to Pistolera, she abandons the matching green uniform she wore as Gunhawk's partner and adopts a Western-themed cowgirl outfit. As a member of the Ravens, the all-female mercenary group led by international assassin Cheshire, Pistolera becomes a recurring enemy of the Birds of Prey.


    Originally appearing as Gunbunny in Detective Comics #674 (1994).

    Major Story Arcs

    Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation

    Pistolera would become a member of the Society. Pistolera is then sent on a mission to assassinate Knockout, a member of the Society's rival group, the Secret Six. Using a Thanagarian sniper rifle to implant a bomb in Knockout's skin, she appears to kill Knockout. But she survives the explosion. This brings down the wrath of Knockout's lover Scandal, who captures and tortures her. In Secret Six #2 Deadshot, knowing that Scandal would not bring herself to kill a bound prisoner, shoots Pistolera himself.


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