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Piscator was created by John Ostrander and Geof Isherwood. He first appeared in Suicide Squad #60 (December 1991).


Piscator is a renegade Atlantean and a self styled Janissary. He joined the new Jihad group calling themselves Onslaught. He is a metahuman mercenary for hire. Two distinct characteristic are his two "wings", one under each of his arms and his gills on his neck.

Major Story Arcs

Suicide Squad - Legerdemain

Piscator was a member of Onslaught tasked with freeing the President of Qurac. He fought Ramban, Aquaman and Golem while he attempted to complete his mission but due to some late revelations and interference things changed. He was supposedly captured with the rest of his team.

Infinite Crisis

Piscator joined Ocean Master's group of under water super villains and attacked Sub Diego during the events of Infinite Crisis. He was last seen fighting against the Sea Devils.

Powers & Abilities

Piscator has a number of skills and metahuman abilities, that aid him as a mercenary for hire.

Underwater Adaptation

Piscator can function normally underwater. He can see normally underwater and is not affected by the pressure or the temperature.

Enhanced Strength

Piscator possesses superhuman level of strength. He was able to hold his own against superstrong opponents such as Aquaman and Golem.

Enhanced Durability

He possesses a superhuman degree of durability. He was able to trade hits with Aquaman and Golem.


He possesses limited telepathy. He can communicate with others telepathically, but nothing more has been revealed.

Onslaught Training

Piscator is a member of the military group Onslaught and knows their tactics and skills. He was able to sneak up on and ambush the metahuman sorcerer Ramban.

Trained Warrior (Janissary)

Piscator is a Janissary, an elite class of middle eastern warrior. He is particularly skilled at fighting with a trident and a net, similar to a gladiator of the retiarius style. He is also skilled with the short sword as a secondary weapon.

Weaponry & Equipment

Piscator uses the melee gladiatorial weapons and equipment of a retiarius.


He uses a trident as his main melee weapon


He uses a net to ensnare opponents before he can finish them with his trident.

Short Sword

His secondary weapon is a short sword.


He wears a distinct helmet, that might allow him to breath on land.


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